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E-Commerce stores

  • Attractive and modern design that covers all needs and supports mobile and tablet screens and all devices.
  • Practical store (an infinite number of sections and products).
  • Your store on social media (the store is linked to all social media sites and supports all social media pages and accounts for marketing and advertising).
  • Add to cart feature
  • Search (your store is supported by a search feature within all sections and contents of the store, which makes it easier for your customers to reach the desired product easily).
  • SEO (preparing the store for search engines in the correct and scientific way to ensure that your site appears on search engines correctly).
  • Sales reports (report your store sales month by month to know the sales of your products correctly).
  • Online payment (payment method with any bank or online payment service provider).
  • Control Panel (a powerful and modern control panel and the "add - modify - delete" process that makes you control all the contents of the store from data, sections, products and pages).
  • Filter (categorization and filter feature that makes it easier for your customers to control the price or product they want).
  • Create an account (the ability to log in for customers and create an account on the store).
  • Follow your customers (the control panel in your store allows you to follow all your customers' accounts).
  • Ensure ease for your customers (a practical list of all the contents and sections of the store allows the customer to continue simply and easily).
  • Communicate with your customers (a special page for customers to communicate with the store via their e-mail, which makes the customer in constant contact with your store).
  • Payment upon receipt (attention to customers without bank accounts and collection upon arrival of the product to them, which increases customer confidence and access to all consumer groups).
  • Your way to permanent support (we have a team of engineers and technicians specialized for full technical support for your store around the clock).
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